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Track Review: Rio // Anaté

Fusing elements of pop, hip-hop and downtempo, Anaté has a unique sound filled with soothing melodies. Based in Germany, singer-songwriter Ana and producer/songwriter Andrea are breeding their own type of, well I’m not sure what type of sound it is. A relatively new pairing, Anaté has a newbie status; however, they are grabbing the attention of critics across the globe. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, A&R Factory, Talk About Pop Music and Fame Magazine, the pair are well on their way to international success. The latest addition to their growing discography is ‘Rio’.

Recorded in Andrea’s studio in Milan, ‘Rio’ is Anaté’s third self-produced track. Retaining the chilled vibes of her previous work, Ana’s soaring vocals carry you off on a cloud of sound. Suspended in mid-air, the soulful voice merges with powerful instrumentation creating a cascade of melodies. It is this harmonic fusion that gives the track a softer sentimentality; however, the incorporation of heavy guitars adds an indie-rock influence to ‘Rio’.

The first single off Anaté’s debut album Confessions, ‘Rio’ is a dynamic concoction of diverse instrumentation and witty lyricism. According to Ana, ‘Rio’ is “about life, about appreciating every moment, every person we meet and every place we’ve been”. Captivating with a compelling narrative, the single encompasses modern-day reality. Touching on relationships and personal experiences, Anaté exposes the human spirit with an endearing tenderness.

Finding the balance between fragility and empowerment, ‘Rio’ explores existential truths in a soulful manner. Raising goosebumps with its ethereal eeriness, Anaté stirs your soul and leaves you with a tear in your eye.

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