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Track Review: Rock This Way // Jennifer Alvarado

Drawing together elements of blues and pop while staying true to her country roots, Jennifer Alvarado’s sound can be called nothing other than eclectic. Embracing her passion for songwriting at a young age (the age of 4), Jennifer has been creating intriguing tracks for years. Recognised as an outstanding songwriter, she was named ‘One To Watch’ by the Nashville Songwriting Association in 2021 and was recently awarded the ‘2021 Country Artist of the Year’ by Indie Star Radio. Alongside her nominations and awards, Jennifer Alvarado has been reaching audiences through the blogosphere featured on The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music and many more.

From her single ‘Relentlessly’ (released in 2014) to her album Playing With Fire (released in 2021), Jennifer Alvarado has been sharing her unique sound online. Following her country ballad ‘Curious’, Jennifer brings us the track ‘Rock This Way’. Unlike the soft tones of ‘Curious’, the US-based artist adopts a heavier, more rock-influenced tinge to the melody. With a pop current running through her music, Jennifer showcases her versatility and innovativeness in creating exciting sounds.

Filled with powerful guitar riffs and pounding drums, ‘Rock This Way’ has a hard-hitting effect that can get anyone dancing. One element I find most enjoyable is the electric guitar outro leaving you with a “yeah, that was good” feeling. Of course, there is more to a song than a harmonic melody – well, at least in this case. Showcasing her passion for music, Jennifer Alvarado’s vocals merge seamlessly with the toe-tapping track.

Taken off her upcoming EP Songbird (to be released in summer 2022), ‘Rock This Way’ shows an obscure diversity in her sound. As I mentioned, Jennifer remains true to her country roots, but ‘Rock This Way’ is evidence that she is not a one-trick pony. This is my introduction to her exciting work, and I can’t wait to hear more from this songstress.

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