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Track Review: Sorry // Rofi James

Described by David Munro, the musical director of Galway 2020 Capital of Culture, as a “stadium act just waiting for a stadium”, it is clear that Irish trio Rofi James is destined for great things. Now, I’m not saying Munro has the final say on whether or not a band makes it; I’m just saying he might have an idea about anthemic groups being the musical director of the world’s largest cultural event.

Alright, enough props to David Munro – let’s get on with Rofi James.

Hailing from the Irish city of Galway, Ronan, Jamie and Joseph have gained a reputation for engaging lyrics and energetic performances. Not only have they received coverage from The Irish Examiner, Talk About Pop Music and The Other Side Reviews (to name but a few), but they have also performed with acts like The Stunning, Brave Giant, Wild Youth and Picture This (once again, to name but a few). Following well-received singles and EPs, Rofi James stun us again with ‘Sorry’.

Reminding me greatly of the 1980s synth-pop era, Rofi James drags synth-pop to the 21st century adding a bit of an alt-rock edge to the music. Creating a cinematic soundscape with the soft instrumentation, ‘Sorry’ seems a swirl of sound with a hazy ambience. However, the throaty vocals bring some sense of raw honesty to the track pulling you out of the haze, but in a really soothing way. Does that make sense?

Harshness, desperation and sorrow are easily reflected in the harsh vocals; however, there is a sense of optimism in the track. A burst of hopefulness shines through the harmonic grittiness like a gossamer blanket of joy over melancholy. Masterfully executed, the Irish trio showcases their passion and creativity in this new single.

“We wrote ‘Sorry’ as a letter to the better version of ourselves during a particularly difficult time earlier this year struggling with the feeling of isolation, anxiousness, loneliness and the uncertainty of asking for help. However, we ultimately came to the realisation that those darker times will pass and it is possible to overcome them.” – Rofi James on ‘Sorry’

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