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Track Review: Rough Diamond // Electric High

Described as one a “high voltage rock band from Norway”, Electric High is a hard-hitting collaborative project between five veteran musicians. Drawing together their various experiences in bands like Faith Circus and Sahg, alongside inspirations like Aerosmith and Black Sabbath, the Norwegian quintet add edginess to contemporary hard rock. Featured on Rock Era Magazine, Rising Artists Blog, Given To Rock, Sinusoidal Music and so many more blogs, Electric High is blasting the headphones of audiences across the globe. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed is the single ‘Rough Diamond’.

You know those songs that you absolutely adore from the first second; well, Electric High have hit nailed this with ‘Rough Diamond’. Following the wistful, almost mystically grungy single ‘Populate The Moon’, ‘Rough Diamond’ takes a more upbeat, toe-tapping and in your face approach. I want to compare Electric High to Aerosmith, particularly regarding the bold, rich vocals. The thing is this would not be doing either band any favours. With their pounding drums, powerful guitars and punchy vocals, Electric High might be up there with Aerosmith instead of merely reminiscent.

Not letting up for a single second, ‘Rough Diamond’ is an anthemic masterpiece in a stereotypical 90s rock form. Setting off like a “wild rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster”, the new single is explosive rock but highlights the band’s versatility as it descends into a funkier pre-chorus before the crescendo into a frantic climax. I know I go on about the vocals, however, I find the combination of two lead singers quite intriguing. A battling engagement touching on toxic behaviour such as gambling and difficult romantic affairs presents a high-powered tete-a-tete wrapped in a vibrant tapestry of sound. I hate to use the pun but given the melody, lyrics and harmonic arrangements, I can confirm Electric High to be a diamond in the rough.

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