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Track Review: Roxanne Kelly // Goodbye To You

Hailing from London, England, Roxanne Kelly uses her multi-cultural upbringing to influence her approach to life and music. Born of Irish and Costa Rican parents, this sassy songstress brings a natural Latin flare to her sound. Having performed in notable European venues like Barcelona Cathedral, BBC Hippodrome, The Old Vic and Notre Dame Cathedral, singer-songwriter Roxanne has a reputation for engaging and emotive performances. The latest addition to her repertoire is the single ‘Goodbye To You’.

Following her well-received debut single ‘Dangerous Love’ (featured in Clout, The Other Side Reviews, Talk About Pop Music and YMX), ‘Goodbye To You’ is a melodic gospel-inspired single. Using a unique storytelling narrative, Roxanne embraces a melodic soundscape with both singles. Following on from the dejected narrative of ‘Dangerous Love’ where she looks at not being able to “let go of a negative factor in life”, ‘Goodbye To You’ explores elements of empowerment, independence and acceptance in a sincere, sentimental way.

“I hope this song becomes an anthem for all. Saying goodbye can be hard, but if something is not good for us then we need to say goodbye by having self-worth, putting ourselves first and moving on.” – Roxanne Kelly on ‘Goodbye To You’

Finding the delicate balance between R&B and jazz, the sassy songstress melds bold, soulful vocals with upbeat, warm instrumentation. Despite her youth, Roxanne presents an elegant, sophisticated and well-polished sound in ‘Goodbye To You’.

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