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Track Review: Wearing White // Ruins

After meeting via a mutual friend, Lloyd Rock and Nik Kavanaugh decided to form a boundary-breaking indie-rock duo; hence, Ruins was founded. Inspired by bands like The Cure and Suede, Ruins adopts an indie-rock meets post-punk sound with a distinctive falsetto from vocalist Lloyd. Featured on notable indie publications like The Other Side Reviews, as well as playing with Gary Daly (China Crisis) on MMTV Live, Ruins is an attention-grabbing duo. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Wearing White’.

Showcasing not only their soothing sound, ‘Wearing White’ proffers a rather unique underlying concept bordering on surrealism in song. Described, in their own words, as “a semiotic autobiography account of the colour white”, this track embraces an otherworldly melody with compelling lyricism. Using a touching narrative, Lloyd personifies white vocalising the innocence, sincerity, honesty and sensibility associated with the colour…does that make sense?

With a combination of synth-based instrumentation and Lloyd’s high-pitched voice, Ruins pulls us into an ambient swirl of sound. Dreamy and very poetic, ‘Wearing White’ ensnares the senses and captivates one’s soul from the very first line. I might not have heard of Ruins before this, but they are definitely worth keeping on my personal playlist.

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