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Track Review: RUNNERS // Mykel

With an EP and several singles to her name, Mykel is a critically acclaimed emerging singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City. She may hail from Utah, but Mykel is charging into 2021 from Los Angeles, California – and what a charge it is! With experience in the film and television industry, Mykel is no newbie to the entertainment industry; however, it is her music that shows true passion. I’m not saying she isn’t passionate about film, but her tunes are soul-stirring in their soulfulness. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘RUNNERS’.

Moving from the high-paced synth-laden single ‘Speed of Light’, Mykel adopts a more intriguing style in ‘RUNNERS’. With a contemporary pop meets jazz sound, ‘RUNNERS’ is an explosive single with soft, warm and soothing undertones. Reminiscent of Pink, particularly her older material, Mykel’s powerful vocals meld with a spirited melody to inspire and thrill.

The personal narrative incorporates encouraging lyricism with high-impact instrumentation making it an ideal soundscape for those female empowerment films. Bold and rich, Mykel executes the somewhat poetic lyricism leaving a sense of optimism in her wake. While the song may begin with a smooth, pop-influenced vibe, I can easily say there is an urban wildness about the harmonic single.

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