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Track Review: Sally // The Magic Epic

Hailing from the UK, Brighton to be specific, The Magic Epic is the solo project of singer-songwriter…well, let’s just refer to him as The Magic Epic. The pseudonym is particularly apt because, in my opinion at least, this multi-instrumentalist’s sound is magic and epic! A long-term busker and wedding singer around the Sussex area bringing music to the masses with a raw, barebones approach.

Performing since 2015, The Magic Epic is more than just a musician. In fact, he is a former motocross champion, animal rights activist, a former addict and suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But we’re not here to talk about all those aspects of his personality – we’re here to focus on his new single ‘Sally’.

Recorded between his home studio and The Brook Studio in Wallington with Joe Caple, Andy Brook and Lucky Man, ‘Sally’ is an emotive and touching ballad. Combining soft piano with heavier guitars, the track is a soothing single. Truly beautiful in its simplistic nature, ‘Sally’ can captivate one’s senses and place you in a hazy ambience. Yet, while there is a haziness about the track, the melancholic undertones anchor you pressing the poignancy of the moving single.

“The song ‘Sally’ is about my friend that was a professional dancer heavily involved in the club scene, it nearly took her life. One day she fell pregnant and never looked back; she then knew love for the first time…the flesh and light came back to her bones. It was incredible. The song is to honour her journey and our friends. We looked after each other through the darkest days and her pregnancy. I am the godfather of her child. It’s a bit more rock and roll than that, but you get the gist.” – The Magic Epic on ‘Sally’

A highly personal track, ‘Sally’ focuses on the importance of friendship during “darker days” in a person’s life. With well-placed crescendos and a personal narrative, The Magic Epic finds his way into your soul and takes you along this journey. A sonic representation of love, relationships and strong bonds, ‘Sally’ is the sonic representation of conquering difficult situations. Not only that, the bold vocals boast feelings of empowerment, overwhelming self-belief and a renewed appreciation of life.

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