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Track Review: Sarah Jane // Control

Influenced by grunge icons Radiohead, Hole and Nirvana, Sarah Jane is an alternative rock/grunge artist with a lot of attitude. While known for her alt-rock covers on YouTube, where she has a following of over 230,000 subscribers, this multi-instrumentalist started releasing original material two years ago. Gaining coverage from international publications, as well as local radio stations in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, Sarah Jane is building a reputation for a unique and innovative sound. One of her latest releases is the single ‘Control’.

“‘Control’ touches on how easily religion and people in power can control everything and how it can restrict the freedom to have our own thoughts and be ourselves.” – Sarah Jane on ‘Control’

Taking a traditional grunge approach with calmer, steadier verses followed by louder, brasher guitar-driven choruses, it’s easy to see that Sarah Jane has her foundation in grunge. However, reminiscent of Nirvana, the clever lyrical and instrumental arrangement reinforces and emphasises the concept of the track.

What is most captivating about ‘Control’ is the power of the guitar and Sarah Jane’s commanding vocals. Combining the grittiness of Courtney Love with the uniqueness of Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jane navigates a poignant song with effortless enthusiasm. The second single off her upcoming sophomore album, Tainted Timeline, ‘Control’ is a track that can easily sit alongside any songs from the 90s Seattle grunge scene.

Sarah Jane released an official video for ‘Control’ which can be seen HERE.

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