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Track Review: Sarpa Salpa // Stick To What You Know

Hailing from Northampton, Sarpa Salpa is one of the most intriguing and exciting alternative-pop acts to hit the UK. Founded in 2017, the group was initially a four-piece including Marcus (lead vocals), George (guitar), Ethan (bass) and Charlie (drums); however, it turned into a quintet with the addition of Meg (synths) in late-2019. Known for their unique indie tunes with engaging content, Sarpa Salpa is a confident, captivating and compelling.

While formed in 2017, it was 2019 that saw the most growth for Sarpa Salpa. Releasing critically acclaimed singles ‘Casanova’ and ‘Before It Goes Dark’, the five-piece found themselves featured in notable publications like Talk About Pop Music, It’s All Indie and Indie Central Music. Singles were also featured by BBC 6 Music, Radio X, BBC Radio 1 and even a TV sync appearance on Made In Chelsea. Building a loyal following and gaining a reputation for catchy, quirky indie songs, Sarpa Salpa released the well-received debut EP Say Something in May 2020. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Stick To What You Know’.

A follow-up to their single ‘Forwards Backwards’, ‘Stick To What You Know’ is an edgy and energetic pop-rock track. Touching on subjects of societal norms, self-empowerment and “adulting”, the single is an anthem to those trying to avoid the stereotypical “9-5 job, two kids and a white picket fence” persona and pursue whatever you want to pursue.

“It’s about finding something that you love and pursuing it with everything you’ve got. There is a lot of pressure in society to find a job, settle down, then rinse and repeat. This track is about not settling for that 9-5 job you hate for the rest of your life…” – Marcus Marooth on ‘Stick To What You Know’

Lyrically, this is quite a sombre track with a stinging relatability for most people; however, the combination of dynamic instrumentation and bold vocals makes it soothing and melodic. A strikingly lively and boisterous single, ‘Stick To What You Know’ will fill your lungs, rattle about in your brain and leave you with a sensation of empowered bliss as an after effect.

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