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Track Review: Scarecrow // Lethia’s Natorium

While Lethia’s Natorium is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Pena Hughes-Jones, it is not a band or solo project, but a collaborative project that brings together the talents of various musicians. Working remotely as well as in the recording studio, session musicians appear on all of Lethia’s Natorium – the decision of which instrument dependent on the vibe of the track. Described as a “…breath of fresh air in a world of manufactured pop…” by Send Me Your Ears, Pena and her team have a unique, original sound suited for all audiences. One of the most recent additions to her discography is the single ‘Scarecrow’.

Following the remix version of ‘Inner Child’ and preceding ‘Here We Go (JGE Remix)’, ‘Scarecrow’ blends together elements of indie-rock with punk and ska in an upbeat sonic package. Interestingly, while there is a nostalgic flair taking us back to the sounds of Siouxsie and the Banshees, a sense of contemporary punk flows through the track. Completely unapologetic, ‘Scarecrow’ proves Lethia’s Natorium is an eclectic, powerful and hard-hitting blast of “well, this is what I do and stuff you if you don’t like it”.

Just as the melody for ‘Scarecrow’ is bold hitting you between the eyes while getting your toe tapping, the lyricism is just as powerful. Touching on the topic of bullying and its disastrous consequences, Lethia’s Natorium delves deeper into the trauma one feels when being bullied.

“’Scarecrow’ tackles the subject of bullying, whether it’s playground taunts on in the workplace, being the receiver can be a traumatic experience. The word ‘scarecrow’ could be other horrid words that people use to target someone.” – Pena Hughes-Jones on ‘Scarecrow’

Harsh and gruff, Lethia’s Natorium’s ‘Scarecrow’ is gritty and grimy but has a light-hearted upbeat vibe to both bring home the desperation of bullying and have you singing along in a blissful state.

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