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Track Review: Second Best // Jewelia

For almost one decade, singer-songwriter Jewelia has been captivating audiences with her unique sound. Described by Leo Ulph on BBC Radio Kent as “absolutely excellent…a brilliant songwriter that can do no wrong” and Charlie Ashcroft of Amazing Radio as “highly recommended”, it is clear Jewelia is winning the praise of listeners and critics alike. This is my introduction to the London-based artist, but she has obviously been turning eyes and ears for some time. The latest addition to Jewelia’s well-received repertoire is the single ‘Second Best’.

Following her single ‘No Lover’, ‘Second Best’ is another light, whimsical and tender track from Jewelia. Opening with a laidback pop ballad style, she immediately places you in a warm sonic bubble; however, her versatility is shown as the melody progresses. Leaning towards the 90s pop-rock sound, ‘Second Best’ begins with a strong pop flavour but ends with energetic guitar riffs. In the same vein as Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ there is an attitude blasting forth as we move through the song – the thing is, Jewelia’s rich vocals and innovative arrangement make a sound that is inimitable.

We know she is a master at melodies, but what about her depth as a songwriter? ‘Second Best’ elegantly showcases Jewelia’s ability to weave serious lyricism through a joyful, wistful song. Touching on the topic of being mediocre in a world searching for ultimate success, ‘Second Best’ is just that – being second best. Jewelia explains that “coming to terms with the fact that you are average is not a topic that is covered much in pop culture…from a young age, we watch stories of success against all odds and are besotted with the chosen one, while getting accustomed to look down on the average people and their struggles – the irony being that we are them. We are told that we can achieve anything if only we try hard enough. As inspiring as this sounds, it also implies that we only have ourselves to blame for having an average life…I thought that was worth exploring.”

Sincere, sentimental and intriguing, Jewelia easily wins your heart and speaks about important subjects in her track ‘Second Best’.

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