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Track Review: Seeing Red // Levy

Born in Germany, but now residing in the UK, Levy is a singer-songwriter with the voice of an angel. Combining elements of soul and pop-rock, the London-based artist places introspective lyrics atop infectious melodies. Using her classical training in music theatre, Levy’s music has a solid foundation with a contemporary twist. Featured on several online radio stations and blogs across the globe, Levy is building a loyal following on an international scale. The latest addition to her repertoire is the single ‘Seeing Red’.

The third single since 2019, Levy embraces the pop-rock of early-2000s in ‘Seeing Red’. To be honest, Levy uses this fusion in ‘Shoulder’ and ‘Partner In Crime’ as well – a sign of true passion for older pop-rock sounds. The thing is, she shows versatility in her melodies regardless of the underlying pop-rock by adding soulful vocals in ‘Partner In Crime’. The soulful vocals are maintained in this new track; however, ‘Seeing Red’ has a blues-influence with Eric Clapton-esque guitars.

Melodically, ‘Seeing Red’ is upbeat, infectious, energetic and engaging. Highly reminiscent of Maroon 5’s debut Songs About Jane, particularly the track ‘Harder To Breathe’, Levy adds a brusque edge to the moving lyrics. Using a conversational narrative, ‘Seeing Red’ is captivating with a degree of intimacy. Yet, while the track has a soulful quality, the powerful guitar takes centre stage incorporating a blues vibe making the single seem whimsical.

As I said, ‘Seeing Red’ is reminiscent of Maroon 5 bringing together the heartwarming obscurity and intensity of Adam Levine’s vocals with her spellbinding voice. Despite the poignancy of the lyricism, there is a lightheartedness in the execution making ‘Seeing Red’ both playful and serious. My favourite part of the track has to be the abruptness of the ending where Levy leaves you with a grin and cheeky wink.

“Writing this song was me admitting that I had these feelings and so very little control over them. But instead of growing bitter over it, I wanted to approach the subject with some self-awareness and a little bit of humour.” – Levy on ‘Seeing Red’

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