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Track Review: Shaken // Amber T & Galaxy Thief

With her powerful voice and presence, Amber T has a unique, critically acclaimed sound. Before finishing high school, Amber T had a reputation for engaging lyricism, moving melodies and energetic performances. Featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, The Other Side Reviews, Indie Central Music and several other press outlets, she is turning heads across the globe. In fact, her single ‘No Company’ caught the attention of Sir Elton John who added it to his Rocket Hour Show. The latest addition to her evolving discography is ‘Shaken’.

Teaming up with the South Coast indie-rock quartet Galaxy Thief, ‘Shaken’ is a mish-mash of Amber T’s pop ballad style and Galaxy Thief’s heavier rock edge. Overcoming the obstacles of Covid-19 lockdowns, the group used remote collaboration to create this gem. It seems appropriate considering ‘Shaken’ touches on issues of connections, relationships and human interaction. Seemingly a song about heartache and moving on, ‘Shaken’ has far more going for it on a lyrical and melodic level.

Showcasing a sophistication beyond Amber T’s youth, ‘Shaken’ has a maturity in its eloquent execution. Combining the lads’ powerful instrumentation and Amber T’s powerhouse vocals, ‘Shaken’ is an explosive earworm. Yes, Galaxy Thief has a different sound as compared to Amber T; however, the fusion of elements triggers a melodic cascade of harmonies. From the outset, you feel swept away in a river of heartfelt music.

Filled with poetic lyricism, ‘Shaken’ is a soul-stirring representation of love, pain and tolerance. Insightful and reflective, Amber T’s vocals add melancholic nostalgia to ‘Shaken’; however, Galaxy Thief that fills out the song with a lingering hopefulness. All in all, I love the single and will have it on repeat for hours to come.

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