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Track Review: Shaken // Cynthia Hamar

Already an established artist with three studio records and successful tours under her belt, Canadian Cynthia Hamar shares timeless songs with her audience. Known for layering earthy tones in atmospheric soundscapes, Cynthia expresses personal reflection in her introspective folk music. Featured in Rising Artists Music Blog, Roots Music, Lost In The Manor, Sinusoidal Music, Music Arena GH and numerous playlists, this singer-songwriter is reaching ears on a global scale. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Shaken’.

Following her well-received album, The Son & I (written with her then 18-year-old son Zadok), ‘Shaken’ is the first release from Cynthia Hamar in six years. Haunting and insightful, the track deals with inner turmoil, vulnerability, anxiety and conflict as she explores the act of processing pain and finding a solution. Cynthia explains that “’Shaken’ is an internal conversation about trauma, recognising the deep groaning and the need to let go of the pain to embrace a brighter future. I originally wrote it to myself over the period of a couple of years processing the change in our family dynamic, then a huge upset in my marriage. It’s written from a point of exhaustion, surrendering to a solution…and seeing the comfort in choosing to forgive and move on.”

Recorded with session musicians and producers Chris Andrews, Jamie Cooper, Paul Johnston and Joel Schwartz, ‘Shaken’ brings a soulful deep roots folk sound to the musical arrangement. Acoustic-inspired, the track combines piano, acoustic guitar and drums to share the haunting emotion of the theme. Cynthia’s rich vocals enhance the obscurity of the track, and the evocative nature, with its gruff, gritty and dulcet tone. As mentioned, ‘Shaken’ is a tale of trauma and you can hear that through the desperate vocal execution.

Exploring human fragility in a delicate, vulnerable way, Cynthia Hamar releases her tender track ‘Shaken’.

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