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Track Review: She Comes In Colours // Vince Chinaski

Described by A&R Factory as the Tom Waits of this generation, singer-songwriter Vince Chinaski is an ambassador of old-school blues-rock in modern-day society. Born in Rome, Italy, but now located in Denmark, Vince Chinaski is no stranger to the music industry. Not only is he an established musician performing with The Man No. 9, The Innits and Division Kent, but he also has skills as a producer. With his recent solo project, this one-man band is reaching listeners across the globe on a mainstream and unsigned level. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘She Comes In Colours’.

Following his debut single ‘Never Painted Black’, Vince starts 2022 with the sophomore ‘She Comes In Colours’. Unlike ‘Never Painted Black’, the new track has a more jovial and upbeat blues sound. Using an acoustic piano-driven sound, the melody highlights the beauty of simplicity. While the track is led by the piano, there is an obscurity in the use of various instrumentation ranging from ukuleles to a flute. Eclectic and unique, one might consider there to be a mishmash-ness to the mix; however, the song is nothing but smooth, slick and soft.

It can sometimes be simple to describe the meaning behind a song. Sometimes it is conceptual and other times quite specific, but there is always a subjectivity when it comes to music. The melodic ‘She Comes In Colours’ delves into the complexity of human creativity as Vince explores the rollercoaster journey in self-expression. Yet, Vince also explains that “everyone has their own source of creative inspiration and a muse to pamper. ‘She’ can be enormously bountiful yet awfully volatile. The song isn’t about drugs, but it could easily be if that’s what you’re after.”

Intriguing, interesting and infectious, Vince Chinaski ensnares your senses with his anthemic single ‘She Comes In Colours’.

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