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Track Review: She Turned Around // Rogue Proxy

The brainchild of two friends in Canada, Rogue Proxy lies somewhere between Daft Punk and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Using their unique blend of funk, rock and interspersed synths, Rogue Proxy revolutionises old-school rock styles for the modern-day listener. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Edgar Allan Poets, Roadie Music, iHeart Radio and several online radio stations/playlists, the lands are reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to their discography is ‘She Turned Around’.

Following their well-received punk-influenced single ‘Solitary Confinement’, Rogue Proxy showcases their innovation by moving to a smoother, sexier and subtly powerful style in ‘She Turned Around’. It’s true there is a transition from languid tones to pumped-up electric guitar riffs, but it is this eclecticism that defines Rogue Proxy’s originality. In fact, based on their previous work it is quite difficult to pigeonhole the duo and ‘She Turned Around’ is evident of this fact.

While the melody pushes the realm of genres, the vocals also push the boundaries of musical designs. Woven within a kaleidoscopic tapestry, the silver vocal thread shines brightly within the ambient soundscape. Moreover, the evocative lyrical content aligns with the potency of the ever-changing melody. What I mean is, everything about this song is provocative, moving and boundary-breaking. Filled with soft sentimentality and melancholic insight, Rogue Proxy once again reverberate down your spine with infectious instrumentation and send chills along your arms with their intriguing content. I love it!

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