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Track Review: Shore // Carley Varley

Already hitting our virtual desk a couple of times before, UK-based Carley Varley captivates me once again with her superb sound. Filled with engaging melodies, sincere lyricism and a crystal-clear execution, Carley is proving to be one of the more exciting emerging artists in the UK. Featured on BBC Introducing, The Other Side Reviews, Indie Music Centre, Pop Passion Blog, Rock Era Magazine and Pop Fad Blog, Carley is described as an outstanding and confident singer-songwriter. In fact, Indie Music Centre compared her to a pearl that is “…not found very much in a lifetime.”

Following her well-received track ‘Fall’, Carley adopts a strong folk-influenced sound in ‘Shore’. Existing within a minimalist soundscape, the cinematic acoustic-inspired song highlights the beauty of eclectic percussion, simplistic guitar and raw vocals. Easy to listen to, the laidback track showcases the clarity and strength of Carley’s rich vocals. While there is a warmth in ‘Shore’, the soul-stirring single also has a haunting tinge to the textured arrangement. It’s like teetering on the cusp of a misty river and a sun-tinged beach.

Driven by her ukulele, Carley Varley touches on the issue of relationships in ‘Shore’. Carley explains that “there are many break-up songs, I wanted to write about a couple working hard in their relationship to make things work.” Sincere, sentimental and empowering, she seems to have encapsulated the significance of working on a relationship instead of just letting it go. This is the final song off her EP Seasons and is a heart-warming piece of music.

In addition to her single, Carley has released an acoustic music video for ‘Shore’:

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