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Track Review: Show You // Timmy The Boy

Influenced by the likes of Frankie Valli, Silk Sonic, Greta Van Fleet and Childish Gambino, listening to Tim Pinter III is a whirlpool of sound. Formed by three high school friends, Timmy The Boy (vocals/guitar), Dan Greco (bass) and Branyn Gerber (drums) have captured the heart of the US indie music scene. Known for their engaging performances, they have played sold-out shows at Jupiter Studios, the Buzzbin, the Massillon Lincoln Theatre, and the YWCA of Alliance – to name but a few venues.

Beginning as a rapper approximately four years ago, Timmy The Boy chose to change genres and with his band is taking the scene by storm. Praised by notable critics, such as It’s All Indie and Music Talks, the lads are building an international following as Timmy “…really steps up his game” – quote by Fred Bambridge on It’s All Indie. The latest addition to Tim Pinter III’s critically acclaimed discography is ‘Show You’.

Showing a transition from indie rock in ‘Never Enough’ to the pop meets funk ‘The Moment’, Tim Pinter III is a versatile band. Following the upbeat track ‘The Moment’, we hear another eclectic evolution in ‘Show You’. Far more funk in nature, we are transported back to the 1970s/1980s funk scene; however, the lads add an edginess with tinges of commercial pop. Acting as revolutionaries in the funk world, the combination of dynamic guitars and pounding drums introduces modern-day audiences to old-school sounds.

“This song [‘Show You’] is the one that will catapult us into the stratosphere of music. There will be no denying us and we will be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry…” – Timmy The Boy on ‘Show You’

Highlighting his background in rap, Timmy The Boy’s raspy vocals are expertly layered atop a flowing instrumentational arrangement. Touching on the issue of relationships, ‘Show Me’ is a sonic representation of meeting the person you feel you should spend your life with. An upbeat nature with hard-hitting vocals and lyricism encapsulates the flavours of that first moment when you meet the one. If this is anything to go by, I can’t wait for more from Tim Pinter III.

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