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Track Review: Showtime // Mia Mormino

While her first love will always be dance, US-based Mia Mormino is the voice of a generation. Bringing together tenderness, sincerity and authenticity, the pop singer connects with all types of audiences across the globe. Although her 15 years in dance may have been outstanding, it was not “all that” for her self-esteem and we’re so glad she sought solace in her music. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music and several other music blogs/online radio stations, Mia is slowly building an international reputation for honest melodies. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘Showtime’.

With the power of James Bond anthems and the vulnerability of soulful soundscapes, Mia injects intimacy in her harmonic music – a trait reminiscent of her influence Taylor Swift. One of the more ambitious projects I have come across, Mia takes on the seven deadly sins and portrays each in her The Seven Deadly Singles collection. Following her single ‘Mercy’, ‘Showtime’ is a provocative exposition of pride. Now, pride can be a good characteristic but ‘Showtime’ highlights the more negative elements of the trait. In fact, it disseminates any positive elements and straight-on goes for the brutal jugular.

Touching on issues of vulnerability, isolation, anxiety and, oddly enough, empowerment, ‘Showctime’ is a sonic representation of a toxic relationship. Mia shares that “…it’s all fun and games until you can cheat on me. Literally, every single line is word-for-word what happened.” It’s not an extremely optimistic song and certainly has a sense of brutal insight; however, the theme of hopefulness lingers despite the ruthlessness of the lyricism. I suppose this is an example of Mia’s true innovativeness and originality.

I am lucky enough to note have experienced any bad relationships, or at least any that ended with cheating; yet, as I listen to ‘Showtime’ I feel an intense connection to the song. Mia’s soulful vocals easily captivate you and seep into your soul regardless of your age or gender. Mia explains that “…to those who can relate to the song, I hope this reminds you that you aren’t alone.”

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