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Track Review: Silver Cat // The Silver Devils

You might think that singing about a missing silver cat would be dull and silly, but The Silver Devils will prove you wrong. Not only does their latest single ‘Silver Cat’ tell the story of a lost cat, but it showcases depth, authenticity and sincerity. But who are The Silver Devils?

Hailing from San Diego, The Silver Devils is a group of four lads for “fans of alternative rock with a sprinkling of soul” – their words, not mine, although I do agree. Bringing together the talents of Demetrio Donzelli (vocals), Ben Engel (lead guitar), William Webb (saxophone) and Greg Bjurman (keys), The Silver Devils have a unique, moving and spirited sound. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Silver Cat’.

Following their debut single ‘Going There’, The Silver Devils add elements of indie-rock amidst their soul-sprinkled alternative rock sound. Rich and endearing, ‘Silver Cat’ is a sentimental soundscape lulling the listener into a warm comfort zone. Oddly enough, while the melody is chilled with toe-tapping instrumentation, there is a sombre depth in the lyricism.

The single appears to be about a missing cat on the surface, but Demetrio’s personal narrative makes it more significant on an unconscious level. Touching on issues of loneliness and anxiety, The Silver Devils share an introspective portrayal of conflict, inner turmoil and destructiveness. Yet, while there are some desperate themes in finding the cat, there is a lingering undertone of optimism and hopefulness…or maybe I’m reading too much into this and it really is just about a cat.

Refreshing, heartwarming and captivating, ‘Silver Cat’ has a sweetness to it that can only be seen as a combination of bold vocals, chilled saxophones and powerful guitars. I guess what I’m saying is I really love this track!

Oh, by the way, they found the cat.

One thought on “Track Review: Silver Cat // The Silver Devils

  • Demetrio Donzelli

    Thank you Nicole. It is clear that my music affected you, and that you have a deep understanding of it. I think there was something about the cat’s journey that resonated with my own. I am glad to have people like you listening, and I think reading too much into things is something we have in common.


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