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Track Review: Pirates // Simon Paparo

Do you know Simon Paparo? Well, if you don’t then you should listen up or risk missing out on something outstanding. Hailing from Perth, the Australian singer-songwriter, producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist is sharing his unique sound with the masses. Using his dulcet tones with emotive lyrics over powerful melodies, Simon is known to “woo a crowd in moments”. The latest addition to his hypnotic discography is the single ‘Pirates’.

Bringing together the tenderness of an introspective folk song with some pop-rock undertones, ‘Pirates’ is almost four minutes of heartfelt music. Beginning with a simple acoustic melody, Simon showcases the beauty of only a voice and guitar. As the song progresses, we are taken on a rollercoaster of emotion with dynamic crescendos incorporating drums, guitar and percussion; however, the effect is not overwhelming so you remain floating on a big, fluffy cloud.

Despite the comfort of the melody, the lyricism touches on the darker side of the human soul looking at greed, hate, fear and desperation to reach the proverbial greener pastures. Yet, while there is a strong seriousness to the concept, Simon reminds us to search for a deeper purpose in our lives. The rich, warm vocals meld seamlessly with the melody leaving a sense of melancholic reflection BUT with the noted optimistic hopefulness.

Beautiful in its raw honesty, ‘Pirates’ has depth, sentimentality and sincerity. If this is my introduction to Simon Paparo, I can’t wait to hear more of his boundary-breaking sound.

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