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Track Review: Simpler In The Dark // Montrell

If Oasis were to have a lovechild with the Beatles, the chances are Montrell would be it. Breaking onto the scene approximately three years ago, the UK-based foursome is gathering a loyal following amidst the UK indie music scene. A mellow melding of indie-rock and jangle-pop, Montrell has a smooth, calming sound that is both engaging and exciting. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Simpler In The Dark’.

Recorded at Angel Studios with Flyte drummer Jon Supran, ‘Simpler In The Dark’ is a flowing melody with a darker underside. Reminiscent of The Beatles, the track is mellow with a languid sensation; however, the witty lyricism touches on the taboo desire to sleep with another person while in a relationship. Amusingly released on Valentine’s Day, Montrell showcases their humour as they place a light on those grittier areas of love.

“Yeah, I guess I can’t escape the fact that it’s about the desire to sleep with other people when you’re in a relationship and the moral dilemma that follows that urge. Although I didn’t write it with the intention of it being a song to relate to, I’m sure everyone has experienced this in some form or another. Having written it as a solo artist I always envisaged releasing it with a band – you can hide behind a band. It was four years ago, so having to come to terms with what it means to me I’m not just really happy to share the song with our listeners.” – Jonny (Montrell) on ‘Simpler In The Dark’

Smooth and soothing, ‘Simpler In The Dark’ is a toe-tapping anthem creating a hazy soundscape for romance. It appears to be quite lighthearted on the surface and you could twirl about with your loved one to the charming tune. Yet, while the instrumentation and rich vocals create a simple sound, it is the disconcerting lyricism that has you thinking “hey, isn’t this about cheating” as you whirl across the dancefloor.

The juxtaposition of immoral thoughts and acts (according to contemporary society) with an enchanting melody is compelling. With a haunting depth of content, the track is thought-provoking with a lingering aftertaste of “what the hell?” Warm vocals with dulcet tones contribute to a ballad, but there is a sense of melancholic reflection as the song progresses. I love it!

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