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Track Review: Sleeping Alone // Cat Calabrese

Self-expression is an instrumental element in all music, whether it is a break-up song or a controversial political statement. Singer-songwriter Cat Calabrese began her career as a catharsis to deal with trauma and now promotes a sense of empowerment through her work. Blasting onto the music scene in March 2021 with her debut single ‘Quicksand’, Cat has quickly built a loyal following. Featured in notable press like Rolling Stone, The Hype Magazine, The Kelly Clarkson Show, This Is 50, and various playlists, Calabrese is one to be watched. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘Sleeping Alone’.

Following her pop anthem ‘Mine’, ‘Sleeping Alone’ is a charming electropop single. Heavily synth-driven with powerful electronic beats, Cat Calabrese leans toward the popular modern-day pop sound. Yet, while 21st-century pop is evident in ‘Sleeping Alone’, Cat incorporates percussion into the track bringing a contemporary edginess to the tune. In fact, this edginess is furthered by the presence of Romanic’s tender tones in the background.

Upbeat and flowing, ‘Sleeping Alone’ has a heart-warming melodic arrangement. The thing is, while the enchanting melody is jovial, there is a melancholic poignancy lying in the lyricism. Using her personal narrative, Cat explores her struggle with depression and “the hollow loneliness that oftentimes comes with it”. She grabs our hands and navigates us through anxiety, angst, frustration, fear, isolation and inner conflict. Cat’s dulcet tones increase the sense of vulnerability and expose her fragility as a human.

Filled with sincerity, sentimentality and brutal honesty, ‘Sleeping Alone’ ensnares your senses with its evocative and provocative nature.

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