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Track Review: Slow Pineapple // Modern Emergencies

Hailing from North America and based out of Los Angeles and Toronto, Slow Pineapple is the dynamic collaboration between Rob Higgins and Tyler Beans. Originally formed as a production duo working with established singers and artists, Slow Pineapple was not necessarily a musical project in itself; however, things changed in 2020. Formed during the Covid-19 pandemic, Rob (vocals, bass, drums and keys) and Tyler (vocals, guitar, drums and keys) have a distinctive alt-rock style meets rap-rock with electropop undertones. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Modern Emergencies’.

Influenced by David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, IDLES and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slow Pineapple is a genre-bending duo breaking all boundaries. The follow-up to their well-received singles ‘Cake’ and ‘Almost Human’, ‘Modern Emergencies’ smarts of Rush with lashings of Linkin Park. While a reminiscence can be made to more established artists, it is difficult to place the duo in any category with their distinctive style.

“‘Modern Emergencies’ is a grunge/industrial ripper that navigates you through the endless complaints and opinions of the modern emergency.” – Slow Pineapple on ‘Modern Emergencies’

Showcasing superb production skills, ‘Modern Emergencies’ is well-layered and textured giving prominence to the different instrumentation but still bringing it together into a cohesive whole. While the EDM-inspired single does hold an elegant electronic air, it is the distorted grungy vocals that enhance the beautiful griminess of ‘Modern Emergencies’.

It is difficult to describe the complexity of ‘Modern Emergencies’ spewing frustration, aggravation and angst but I have done my best. When it comes to Slow Pineapple, it’s often better to just sit back, listen and enjoy the ride!

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