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Track Review: So Alone // Bones In Butter

Coming together after meeting on the internet at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bones In Butter is a collective of professional musicians looking to share genre-defying music. Influenced by the likes of Wall of Voodoo, Joy Division, Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, the Serbian six-piece certainly has a melting pot of inspiration. Featured on various blogs and playlists including The Other Side Reviews, Testicanzoni Rockol and YMX (to name a few), the group is reaching audiences beyond the Serbian borders. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘So Alone’.

Following their hard-hitting single ‘They Live!’, ‘So Alone’ lives somewhere between classic rock and post-punk. It’s not easy to define Bones In Butter, but this latest track certainly illustrates their Joy Division influence with undertones of The Cure. Dynamic guitars merge with pounding drums and synths creating a powerful mass of music. One element I find intriguing is the incorporation of a clarinet adding a mystical otherness to the melody. I might call the clarinet’s contribution as Oriental but it’s more a touch of that flute-playing person in the market charming a snake. Yeah, that’s about it.

In addition to their unique melodies, Milutin Krasevic’s hushed vocals add a haunting to the flowing song. Lurking beyond the mist, the poignancy is perfectly executed with his gruff voice. Intimate within an intense soundscape, ‘So Alone’ is hard-hitting in its wistful way. The thing is, while there is a hazy whimsy about the melody, its lyricism is filled with far more depth.

Not ones to turn away from controversial topics, ‘So Alone’ continues their provocative social commentary content. Krasevic shares that “…all of my songs contain social commentary. Whereas our previous release ‘They Live!’ was focused on detecting the oppressor, ‘So Alone’ deals with the oppressor himself who is about to be stripped of his clothes, to lose his power.” Definitely, a profound issue to consider and also showing the insightfulness of Bones of Butter.

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