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Track Review: Solstice Love // Venusia

Founded during the pandemic, the duo Venusia embraced the power of creativity as a remote pair. After exchanging numerous letters and realising their compatibility, Andrew and Anisah brought together their diverse experiences in one bold project. Finally overcoming travel bans, lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, the pair officially began the Venusia Project in Mexico on the Winter Solstice. The latest addition to their repertoire is the single ‘Solstice Love’.

Penned in the same room, the sophomore single ‘Solstice Love’ combines the numerous influences ranging from classical and electronica to folk and rock. Following their track ‘Waking Dream’ (released in 2021), ‘Solstice Love’ is their first release in 2022. Slathering simplistic acoustic folk guitars with a rock-inspired blend of electric guitars, pounding drums and synths, ‘Solstice Love’ shows how differences can be melodically fused. The interspersed percussion (clapping hands) further prompts the delicate balance between organic and synthetic soundscapes.

While the melody is an intriguing one, the interplay of female and male vocals adds vulnerability and tenderness to the track – quite apt considering the song is about being in love. Venusia explains that this song is “about two people wondering how their first encounter would be in person…” Moreover, they wanted to wait to release the track on the Summer Solstice – the day Anisah and Andrew were married.

Not only is their track ‘Solstice Love’ oozing passion and emotion, but Venusia itself is also a band filled with vulnerability, fragility and tenderness. This is my introduction to Venusia and, while there are only two singles to their name, I cannot wait for more.

In addition to the single, Venusia released a lyrics video for ‘Solstice Love’:

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