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Track Review: Something Told Me // Tess Posner

From singing in coffee shops to performing at the Serenity Festival, Oakland First Friday and a planned show at SXSW, Tess Posner is making waves with her unique sound. Described as “an example of how pop music can break out of the constraints of superficiality” by Stepkid, Tess has a provocative and inspirational sound. Following her well-received single ‘Party At The End Of The World’, Tess releases ‘Something Told Me’.

Recorded and produced by GEKKO in San Francisco, Tess adopts an upbeat and infectious sound in ‘Something Told Me’. A prominent electropop style track, ‘Something Told Me’ has a strong hip-hop/pop vibe; however, the underlying trumpet and piano add an organic meets synthetic edge. Soothing and flowing, despite the up-tempo electronic beats, listening to the single is like plunging headfirst into a kaleidoscopic haze. Hazy it may be with the instrumentation melding effortlessly into each other, there is a clarity in execution anchoring you when traversing the swirl of sound. Add Tess’s soaring vocals and you have a soulful sensation.

Addictive and dance-worthy, there is a joviality about ‘Something Told Me’ as well as depth in the insightful lyricism. Not one to hide from taboo conversations, the new single explores the painful loss of innocence. Using a personal narrative, Tess’s emotional vocals engage a listener entirely enhancing feelings of desperation. Yet, while the track can be considered melancholic, Tess adds a lingering sense of hopefulness and freedom in this delicate song.

“Do you believe anything is possible… it’s so important to reclaim that wonder and creativity we easily felt as a child and sense of infinite possibility. From that place, we can tap into possibilities and hope for the future to rebuild a better world.” – Tess Posner on ‘Something Told Me’

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