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Track Review: SOMETHING // Wotts

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, indie-pop duo Wotts is building a unique sound lying somewhere between indie-pop and synth-pop. Already following their work, I have an idea of what sort of awesomeness Wotts can bring; however, it’s not only our team singing their praises. Featured on various blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog and Sinusoidal Music, Ricky 100 (bass and guitar) and Jayem (vocals and multi-instrumentalist) are turning heads across the globe. Not only are they receiving coverage on blogs but also on radio stations like CBC Radio. With a reputation for engaging, energetic and intoxicating performances, Wotts has held audiences captive at Junofest, Canadian Music Week, and RBC Bluesfest – but it is their latest single ‘SOMETHING’ that we’re looking at today.

Following their single ‘NO TAKE BACKS’, Jayem and Ricky 100 adopt a commercial pop sound with ‘SOMETHING’. Yet, while there is a Charlie Puth pop style to the new song, a nostalgic trip back to the 80s synth-pop world is woven into the melody. Moreover, there are rock overtones showing another side to the band’s repertoire and unique sound.

It is possible to lose yourself in the swirl of music, but there is far more to Wotts’ melodies than a hazy ambience. ‘SOMETHING’ touches on being lost in a relationship with the painfulness of wanting acceptance, acknowledgement and just being there. Jayem explains that the band “wanted to capture that feeling of desperation when you know someone has a hold on you. Gripping your phone close to you, just hoping to hear from them taking any small thing they do as a sign…”

In the fifth single of 2022, Wotts has been busy releasing notable bangers throughout the year and there is no sign of the momentum ending. Already preparing new releases for 2023, we can expect more intriguing, personal and emotive songs from Wotts – I can’t wait!

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