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Track Review: Song For Ellen // Mark Rosal

Listing his influences as Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, Canadian singer-songwriter Mark Rosal is not one to be pigeon-holed. With his unique storytelling, Mark celebrates life in its entirety sharing insightful messages in his songs. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Music Arena GH, Roadie Music, Edgar Allan Poets and various playlists, this innovative singer is reaching audiences on a global scale.

Described by The Other Side Reviews as having a dramatic flair in his music, ‘Song For Ellen’ is only one of the many intoxicating singles in Mark’s repertoire. Following the track ‘Give Me’, Mark Rosal brings the sounds of old-school folk to a contemporary audience. Delicately weaving a sonic tapestry, the intimacy of his acoustic sound shines through like a shimmering thread within the kaleidoscopic tapestry. Soft, soothing and endearing, the combination of bold guitar and delicate piano showcases his passion for music.

Not necessarily quirky, but with an obscurity to his melody, ‘Song For Ellen’ showcases Mark’s innovativeness as an artist. The bold vocals express an intense intimacy while retaining an overall light-hearted nature in the song. What I find intriguing is how the melody itself is toe-tapping and has you twirling about, but the almost spoken-word vocals enhance the simplicity of the song. Moreover, the heartfelt lyricism pushes the sensitivity of the sentimental theme.

Known for his genuine love of music, Mark notes that he hopes to paint stories for his listeners and connect with audiences; ‘Song For Ellen’ poetically connects with listeners in an elegant, insightful way. Unique and eclectic, I cannot wait for more from this talented artist.

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