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Track Review: Space Electric // It Ain’t Over

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Space Electric is a six-piece rock group with an eclectic, genre-defying sound. The band Space Electric was born in 2014 when long-time friends Bjørnar Mikkelsen (vocals); Kristian Kruse (guitar) and Åsgeir Knudsen (keys) joined forces with Jonathan Murray (guitar), Christian Yri (bass) and Thomas Yri (drums).

Bjørnar, Kristian and Jonathan had performed together in MAD ABOVE approximately one decade beforehand, but they parted ways after the tragic death of a band member. One of the first songs in Space Electric’s discography is a tribute to this band member. With three singles and an album called The Great Attractor to their name, Space Electric is quickly building a reputation for strong, engaging music. One of the latest additions to their repertoire is the single ‘It Ain’t Over’.

The second single from Space Electric’s debut album The Great Attractor, ‘It Ain’t Over’ is a song about breaking boundaries, pushing limits and repairing any challenges in one’s life. The term, “it ain’t over before you decide it’s over” succinctly captures the concept of Space Electric’s empowering and insightful track.

Featuring the powerful six-piece with contributions from pianist Andrés Pérez and percussionist Miquel Mastres, ‘It Ain’t All’ is a dynamic, harmonious combination of instrumentation and Bjørnar’s vocals. Combining a smooth 70s hard rock sound with 21st-century alternative rock, Space Electric breeds a hybrid of Linkin Park and Seether with Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath.

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