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Track Review: Speed of Light // Kafka

The melodic combination of Dafne Holtland and Frank Van Kasteren, Kafka is a unique, unforgettable pop-inspired duo. This is my introduction to the pair, but they are already receiving critical acclaim from notable press like York Calling and CLOUT. Described as “the musical coming together of two people who complete each other perfectly”, there is a charming, synchronous merging of their musicality. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Speed of Light’.

The second single released in 2022, ‘Speed of Light’ is hot on the heels of Kafka’s track ‘Vikings’. As with ‘Vikings’, Dafne and Frank retain a high-paced, upbeat tempo with ‘Speed of Light’. Yet, while the melody is as bright and bouncy as ‘Vikings’, it lacks a certain folk warmth. This is not to say it is sparse, cold or brash, in fact, the complete contrary. Dafne Holtland’s rich vocals hold you in a tight embrace with the pop melody swirling about you with kaleidoscopic lights.

One element I enjoy about Kafka’s music is the interplay between mature arrangement and childlike crudeness. A sophisticated track, ‘Speed of Light’ weaves elegant lyricism with bouncy tones; however, there is a sprinkling of youthful innocence making the song rather quirky. Obscure and unique, Kafka easily sends you spinning about at top speed and simultaneously dances with you in a comfortable soundscape.

A relatively new pairing, Kafka has only been releasing music for the past two years (or that’s what I found on Spotify), but the lad and lady have more experience in the musical world. Dafne brings classical training to the mix with Frank adding his experience as a songwriter and playing the guitar for numerous bands – all creating an intriguing, inimitable sound with Kafka. As I mentioned, this is my introduction to Kafka and I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

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