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Track Review: Spitting Rhymes From Debbie Harry // Benedict Sinister

The brainchild of Australian singer-songwriter, producer and videographer, Benedict Sinister can be described as grungy poetry over a gritty melody. Born in Paris, raised in Australia and now based in New York, USA, Sinister has a taste of different cultures; however, it’s not the lifestyles that he incorporates in his music but rather the underlying rawness of society. Not one to distract from the music, Benedict Sinister prefers to wear a mask rather than have his face plastered all over the place – like Slipknot, I suppose. With a growing fanbase, somewhat cult-like in its notoriety, the latest single from Benedict Sinister is ‘Spitting Rhymes From Debbie Harry’.

Showcasing his innovativeness, Benedict Sinister traverses various genres while maintaining a distinct gruffness within the melodies. Ranging from his electropop ‘Your Parents (Dancing With The Stars)’ and the soulful pop single ‘I’ve Come To Tell You I’m Going Away’ to the punk-esque ‘Spitting Rhymes from Debbie Harry’, Sinister is not one to be pigeon-holed.

Harsh and brusque, ‘Spitting Rhymes from Debbie Harry’ incorporates the ferocity of Sex Pistols with underlying tones of Joan Jett. I know I said he was not to be pigeon-holed, but this track oozes 80s punk from every pore – although it may be wittier than some of the punk bands of the time. Eloquently executing tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Sinister enhances the raw honesty of the track. One may not consider the single to be harmonic, but the throaty vocals deliciously intertwine with forceful melodies to form something flowing in its jarring nature. Does that make sense, I don’t know. What I do know is this guttural track delves into a mire of despair in an anthemic way.

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