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Track Review: Stack$ // BC Roadz

Influenced by the likes of NIN, Tyler, Nirvana and Miles Davis, US-based BC Roadz is sharing what he calls “blues-rap” with the world. Featured on A&R Factory, YMX and several playlists, hip-hop singer-songwriter BC is reaching audiences on an international level. Penning tunes that turn heads, captivate hearts and leave you wanting more, BC Roadz is a force of musical nature not to be ignored or pigeon-holed. One of his most recent releases is the single ‘Stack$’.

One of the tracks off BC Roadz’s EP A.D., ‘Stack$’ is one of the more upbeat songs to be released. Showcasing his innovativeness, BC Roadz transitions from one genre to another in his six-track EP; however, there is an underlying element of hip-hop with personal lyricism which is evident in ‘Stack$’. Reminding me greatly of Eminem but with a lighter narrative, this talented individual shares songs that are easy to listen to with amusing lyrical content. Yet, while there is a light-heartedness to the single, if you analyse the track further you will notice depth in the intimate material.

Speaking of “stacks of cash”, BC Roadz transports you to the wealthy lifestyle that many people desire. The thing is, while he takes you along a journey of him earning and spending his money, there is a depth as he discusses how money can be used to improve society as well as increase self-worth. Tossing you into a sonic swirl of music, BC Roadz highlights how songs can be toe-tapping and insightful in this reflective single.

Not one for this type of music, I was uncertain of what to expect. Yes, I do appreciate some Eminem now and then, but hip-hop is rarely found on my personal playlist. The odd thing is that BC Roadz may have converted me with ‘Stack$’. Sentimental, sincere and honest, this song speaks to one’s heart and can be slightly infectious. I like it!  

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