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Track Review: Stalker // Kid Souf

Drawing together elements of funk, disco and rock in his music, US-based singer-songwriter Kid Souf brings old-school groove to modern-day scenes. It is his mission to explore songwriting and production techniques throughout the decades, and this is certainly evident in his unique sound. While there are only three singles on his Spotify, Kid Souf is by no means a minnow in a sea of artists – no way! In fact, since his debut earlier this year, this naturally talented lad has featured on Roadie Music, Rockol, Sinusoidal Music, YMX, various radio stations and playlists (to name just some coverage). The latest addition to his stunning repertoire is ‘Stalker’.

A collaborative effort between Kid Souf and The Hooters’ Dave Uosikken, ‘Stalker’ was created mid-pandemic with the aim to create “…music reminiscent of the old Philly sound with a modern twist.” Following his well-received 80s disco-influenced tune ‘Tomato Potato’, ‘Stalker’ is a toe-tapping funk track with a twinge of contemporary pop in the mix. Yet, while there is a definite danceable vibe to the catchy melody, it is the interjection of a classic rock guitar that adds slight obscurity and highlights Kid Souf’s innovativeness.

Upbeat, jovial and a lot of fun, this single can evoke a grin while you boogie-woogie in your living room; however, it is the conceptual lyrics that truly intrigue me. During a manic episode, Kid Souf found himself outside his ex-partner’s house without any clue of how he got there – stalker? The thing is, while this may have been a distressing episode, Kid Souf felt inspired to write music once he realised the level of insanity he had reached. He shares that “…I was honestly scared of myself. I have never reached a point of dissociation where I lost full awareness of my body. It was the darkest moment I have ever reached”.

As I mentioned, the track is upbeat and jovial, however, it is the high-paced tone that really represents Kid Souf’s attitude – wild but with a sense of control in the execution. The rich vocals meld harmonically with the funk instrumentation resulting in a powerful, infectious track. The most interesting thing about this honest single is not that it reaches into your soul and fills you with a funky beat, but that it brings the significance of mental health to the fore. Kid Souf explains that “…for me, this is more than a catchy single, it was the one thing that calmed me from some kind of rash decision and a much overdue catalyst for focusing on my mental health.” Could this be an anthem to those overcoming mental health issues? Perhaps. All I know is I love ‘Stalker’ and can’t wait for more from Kid Souf.  

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