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Track Review: Star // Mike Stoyanov

Combining influences from Oasis, The Vaccines and The Strokes, Mike Stoyanov brings a contemporary edge to indie-rock in 2021. With experience in other rock and blues bands over the years, Mike has honed his sound. Yet, it was only in 2020 that he chose to begin his solo project. Despite being a new solo artist, Mike has already been featured on The Other Side Reviews, ArtistRack and FV Music Blog with his debut single ‘Star’.

Beginning 2021 with a bang, ‘Star’ is the first of many well-received releases from Mike Stoyanov. Reminiscent of Liam Gallagher, Mike’s throaty vocals eloquently execute profound lyricism with upbeat joy. Touching on elements of “being yourself and not someone else”, ‘Star’ encapsulates everything Mike believes in – individuality, acceptance and self-empowerment.

“I really loved being in a band, hanging out, having beers and making music but songwriting is so important to me. I could never have the same freedom to express myself in a band that I do as a solo artist… I am on a mission to bring rock ‘n’ roll back to the top of the charts. You might say that’s a bit cocky from a guy who is just starting out but I have been believing in myself forever.” – Mike Stoyanov

The lyricism may be powerful, but it is the harmonic melody that pushes the concept. With high-paced guitars and pounding drums, ‘Star’ has a lighthearted quality underlying a heavy rock sound. The gruff vocals add a grittiness to the melody making it both smooth and brusque. Yet, while the witty lyricism is brusquely executed, Mike retains a lingering sense of optimism in the bouncy track. Listening to ‘Star’ is like running at full speed while punching the air in triumph – something we should all be doing each day.

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