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Track Review: Starships // C-Beem

From Indie Dock Music Blog to FV Music Blog and TJPL News, UK-based C-Beem is turning heads on an international scale. Alongside the blogs, C-Beem is also receiving praise from radio stations such as BBC Introducing, Casimir Engine, Divine Radio London, Exile FM and Burning Girl Radio. Described as a combination of Gary Numan and Brain Eno, this talented musician melds elements of indie-rock, synth-rock and synth-pop in an alternative pop melody. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Starships’.

Following his single ‘Dancing Inside’, ‘Starships’ is C-Beem’s first release in 2023. Unlike ‘Dancing Inside’ which had a leaning toward 90s hip hop with an indie-rock twist, ‘Starships’ takes us on a synth-driven journey with a nostalgic 80s flair. Embracing his inner David Bowie, C-Beem creates an obscure melody that is both comforting and disconcerting. In other words, you are intrigued by the odd tune but also feel as if you are teetering on the edge of a mystical, kaleidoscopic abyss.

Toe-tapping and enchanting, ‘Starships’ is a captivating single standing out above the rest – just like a UFO coming out of dark clouds in all its glory. In fact, the synth-driven tune takes you on a ride with the starship soaring far above all your problems and challenges. Bold, rich and intimate, C-Beem gives listeners a sense of freedom making their souls soar with the new single. He explains that he wanted ‘Starships’ “…to celebrate the whole music sensibility of imagination, colour and, in today’s context; a kind of creative nostalgia.”

So, what do I think of the space-disco meets electropop song? It has me flying far above the ground like moving along with that kaleidoscopic unicorn on a sea of fluffy clouds. I love it!

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