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Track Review: Stay // Cooper Chasse

Hailing from Canada, but now residing in England, Cooper Chasse oozes raw honesty in his harmonic melodies. Based in London, the singer-songwriter melds elements of pop, R&B and folk in an acoustic-inspired sound. Gaining coverage from The Other Side Reviews, A&R Factory, Less Than 1000 Followers and iHeart Radio, Cooper is building a following across the globe. We have the privilege of introducing you to Cooper with his single ‘Stay’.

As part of his 27-track Quarantine Demos collection, Cooper takes on the pandemic in his single ‘Stay’. Reflective and introspective, the twenty-something artist lays evocative lyricism atop tender melodies. Using a personal narrative, he engages with listeners telling them how it really is. Broken hearts, pandemics, relocations – everything we deal with but with unspoken emotional consequences. Cooper is speaking about it without abandon.

“‘Stay’ is about going on a date with someone who you just met… there is a connection and such a wonderment about the whole night. The feeling of instant attraction, instant connection and being driven to passion.” – Cooper Chasse on ‘Stay’

Focusing mainly on the relationship side of things, ‘Stay’ is a tale of impassioned heartache. The stripped-back acoustic structure enhances the poignancy and sentimentality of the track. However, it is Cooper’s soulful vocals that are a representation of pain, desperation and isolation. A sonic representation of love from the beautiful beginning to the tragic end, ‘Stay’ can fit easily in any romance film. Well, at least those romances ending with some tearful event.

As if writing in his diary, the raw lyricism and rich vocals make you feel both happy and sad simultaneously. Soul-stirring in its simplicity, ‘Stay’ shows you don’t need too many “bells and whistles” to make a song sincere, sensitive and haunting.

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