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Track Review: Stop Dancing Now! // Bones In Butter

Highlighting the power of the internet to create beautiful things, Bones In Butter is a unique remote collective bringing together artists from across the globe. Formed at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Milutin Krasevic set out a search for musical professionals only to result in this talented project. A relatively new band, Bones In Butter is still building their following, however, they have received praise from numerous blogs including The Other Side Reviews, MP3hugger, The Other Side Reviews, YMX and Testicanzoni Rockol. The latest addition to their growing repertoire is the single ‘Stop Dancing Now!’

Following their 2021 track ‘Never Without You’, Bones In Butter adopts a more obscure and industrial feel in ‘Stop Dancing Now!’. While the band shows versatility in their music with each song reaching out to different genres, it is ‘Stop Dancing Now!’ where they truly take on an electronic style. Influenced by the Canadian progressive rock artist Nash The Slash, this single oozes attitude with hard-hitting, “in your face” sounds; something new and exciting for Bones In Butter fans.

Not a great fan of industrial music or EDM, I was a bit apprehensive to take this review on, but I am glad I did. Quite chaotic, the melody can leave you taken aback as Bones In Butter tosses you into an unbelievably frantic soundscape. Yet, while there appears to be disillusionment and disconnection in the melody, ‘Stop Dancing Now!’ has a powerful intimacy in its overall theme. Milutic Krasevic explains that ‘Stop Dancing Now!’ is “sort of a doomsday song dedicated to human progress, greed and ruthlessness” – these existential topics are clearly defined in the boundary-breaking single.

In addition to the intriguing song, Bones In Butter released an official music video for ‘Stop Dancing Now!’. You can view the video below or on the band’s YouTube Channel.

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