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Track Review: Stop This // The Lunar Keys

Bringing the alternative rock sounds of the early-2000s to modern-day ears, The Lunar Keys are not a group to be pigeon-holed. In 2019, JC (vocals and bass), Lexi (keys) and Dom (drums) formed the UK-based band, but when guitarist Steve joined in 2020 their music hit a whole new level. Featured in Right Chord Music, Sinusoidal Music, BBC Introducing, Euro Indie Music, PopFad, RGM and many more, The Lunar Keys are reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest release from this outstanding quartet is ‘Stop This’.

Following their single ‘Silent Ricochet’, ‘Stop This’ adopts a more contemporary pop-rock meets alt-rock sound. Recorded and produced alongside Simon Wiley, with mastering done by John Davis, ‘Stop This’ has a heart-pumping musical arrangement fusing pounding drums, dynamic guitars and underlying keys. Yes, the track certainly shows the band’s innovativeness incorporating the various instruments at changing paces throughout the song; however, it is the melody in its entirety that makes you pay attention. Catchy choruses are surrounded by moving verses with well-placed crescendos to bold guitar solos. The thing is, while the full track moves at a thousand miles per hour, the simplistic outro brings things down subtly.

Melodically a head-banging tune with an upbeat feel, but ‘Stop This’ takes a look at “the darker side of our human emotions”. While JC’s rich vocals can soothe your soul, the brash execution of poetic lyricism increases a sense of poignancy. The Lunar Keys share that ‘Stop This’ touches on “…the fact that we’re not always in the driving seat when it comes to our thoughts and feelings. It’s a shout out to all those affected and a call to arms to confront our challenges.”

Described by Glastonbury Festival ETC Judge Tom Hardy as a group with “…epic alt-rock anthems and strong direct songs with memorable tunes”, The Lunar Keys do not do things by half-measures. In ‘Stop This’ they showcase their ability to slide into your brain, reverberate down your spine and leave you with a heart-racing tingling sensation throughout your body…but in a good way.

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