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Track Review: Strip It Back // Curtis Culley

Inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Jon Bellion and Camino, singer-songwriter Curtis Culley is bound to have an intimate pop sound and boy, does he deliver! Hailing from Suffolk, the UK-based began producing music in 2019 and since then has received critical acclaim from Less Than 1000 Followers, Rising Artists Blog and Phork (to mention but a few). While this is the first time I have heard of Curtis, he is an established name in the UK performing at festivals and the Harrods Jazz Cafe. The latest single from this talented artist is ‘Strip It Back’.

Following the track ‘It’s L!t’, ‘Strip It Out’ has a darker, eclectic and far more obscure sound. Incorporating elements of hip hop, dance and rock-influenced guitars, Curtis Culley showcases innovativeness that is quite genre-defying. The abruptness in the musical arrangement is quite intriguing because it both adds a brashness and distorted flow to the melody – I hope that makes sense. Not one for hip hop or dance, I was wary to take this one; however, my toe was tapping and my body swaying from the outset.

Using music as a catharsis to deal with his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and Graves Disease, it makes sense that there would be a profound element to his tunes. As with ‘It’s L!t’, there is an intensity in ‘Strip It Back’ but there’s also a great deal more fun to it. Curtis shares that “…the track is about a made-up relationship between two ex-lovers always returning to each other” inserting a touch of intimate cheekiness. Husky vocals atop a sexy melody not only makes it an interesting narrative but also has you wondering what silliness is about to occur. Lighthearted with a deep tone, Curtis Culley gives you a wink and a naughty smile in ‘Strip It Back’.

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