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Track Review: Stuck Pig // Einsam

Literally meaning “oneness”, the German word “einsam” is perfect for any lad named Sam who is embarking on a solo project. Case and point, Einsam is the moniker for UK-based artist Sam Jackson. With his post-punk with underlying trip-hop and synth-pop elements, Einsam’s sound is genre-defying with a strong lyrical depth in the abrasive melodies. Despite having only two songs to his name, Einsam is already reaching an international audience featured in The Other Side Reviews, This Is Pop, Stuck In The Manor and several online radio stations. The latest addition to his evolving discography is the single ‘Stuck Pig’.

In line with his “oneness” pseudonym, Einsam focuses on culture, identity and connection in his music. Beautifully layered, ‘Stuck Pig’ showcases the harmonic merging of organic and synthetic instrumentation beneath a brusque personal narrative. With steady drumbeats interspersed by piano solos, the single can be seen as a kaleidoscopic soundscape of connectedness between diverse elements. While the cascading melody has a metamorphosing evolution of synthetic and organic sounds, it is the brash vocals that add further depth.

As is mentioned, Einsam uses a personal narrative to incorporate self-identity and cultural heritage into the all-encompassing single. An almost spoken-word stream of consciousness, ‘Stuck Pig’ is filled with raw honesty, genuineness and lingering melancholic sentimentality. Listening to ‘Stuck Pig’ is like falling into a mire of confusion and despair but coming out with a shining sense of self.

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