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Track Review: Such Beautiful People // Longsman

With the release of original music last year, one would assume Longsman formed in 2020. Yes, it’s technically true the project took flight in 2020, but I like to think Adam White was born with music in his soul. This said we could lean toward Longsman beginning from the day of his conception 34 years ago. Then again, that’s just thinking about things on a larger scale. Forget my rambling, where are we going with this?

Merging indie-rock with punk and alternative rock, Longsman stands somewhere between Joy Division, The Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, RGM, FV Music Blog, iHeart Radio and several online radio stations, Adam is building a strong following across the globe. One of the latest additions to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Such Beautiful People’.

Recorded in the bedroom of UK-based singer-songwriter Adam White, ‘Such Beautiful People’ is an aggressive, blunt assault on the senses. Combining powerful guitars, pounding drums and raw vocals, ‘Such Beautiful People’ is like The Clash with Ramones in the mix. While the track has a brutal quality, the forceful music forms a cascade of melodic harmonies running into your soul. Distorted guitars dominate the track, but the Sid Vicious-esque vocals hold their own in the explosion of sound.

Retaining the typical three-minute punk style, ‘Such Beautiful People’ is a slice of fire in your daily routine. Beautifully layered, Longsman finds the delicate balance between painful ear-splitting noise and soothing gruffness – in the way a punk song can be soothing. A flowing element glides through the upbeat single making it easy to listen to while having an underlying grittiness. The track is as powerful as its theme – “being friends with people who have been mistreated” – and showcases Longsman’s depth.

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