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Track Review: A Covid Romance // Sue Denim

Combining the intimacy of Joni Mitchell with the quirkiness of Amanda Palmer and the gritty sound of Courtney Love, Sue Denim is entertaining, intriguing and eclectic. With her unique vocals, moving guitar and compelling lyrics, the Welsh singer-songwriter drags old-school folk-rock sounds to the fore with an indie-rock edge. The latest single from Sue Denim is her single ‘A Covid Romance’.

Moving on from her typical folk-rock sound, ‘A Covid Romance’ is an upbeat single with twinges of indie-rock and jangle-pop. While Sue’s vocals may be “lighter” than Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, the barebones style with controversially witty lyricism (in this case the Covid-19 pandemic) is a step away from Palmer’s ‘Coin-Operated Boy’ or ‘Missed Me’.

Thought-provoking, insightful and highly evocative (or maybe provocative), ‘A Covid Romance’ touches on the desperate circumstances of relationships in this uncertain time. I might have an odd sense of humour, but the referral to not being able to touch another or having to “amuse” oneself during lockdown is entertaining and engaging. With her stripped-down acoustic style, the melody seems to enhance the portrayal of innermost emotions we wouldn’t necessarily put on display. Moreover, her off-centre vocals drop a poignancy and raw sincerity while lingering in your eardrums.

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