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Track Review: Summer In The Morning // Rob Lea

Embracing his love for music at a young age, singer-songwriter Rob Lea knew his path led to music. Whenever he had the opportunity to perform, Rob was ready with lots of support from his family, friends and teachers. Skip forward a few years and we see (sort of) Rob performing for a year in Benidorm before returning to study performing arts in the UK. Later on, he joined tribute acts eventually forming a Queen tribute band and establishing himself as a professional performer. Unfortunately, his career came to a halt when the pandemic hit – this was when he chose to focus on a solo project. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Summer In The Morning’.

Rolling on from his debut single ‘Reflection’, sophomore single ‘Summer In The Morning’ has been described as top-notch and vibrant by various blogs. Filled with bouncy, jovial and sunny vibes, ‘Summer In The Morning’ is what it says on the tin – a sonic representation of a great summer morning. Rob Lea explains that this song is about “fun, sun, love and freedom. I wanted to create a song you can let go, sing at the top of your voice, dance on the table and have a great time.” – oh yes, he did that!

Released via Nashville record label WBA, ‘Summer In The Morning’ slathers bedroom pop with an old-school funk sound, as well as reggae vibes. The charming arrangement has an “oomph” while still chilling out with a laidback melody. Add Rob’s rich, bold vocals and you have a smooth, warm sexiness to the track. Unlike the rock-inspired ballad ‘Reflection’, ‘Summer In The Morning’ showcases Rob Lea’s versatility and innovation as an artist. This is my introduction to Rob Lea, but he is definitely one I will follow with interest.

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