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Track Review: Summer Sundays // Coastal Town

Bringing together the influence of multiple families, generations and experiences, Coastal Town is a melting pot of music from a plethora of people. Formed as a multi-generational group, the band dips into the world of different ages despite most of the members being in high school. In fact, the fact that many are in high school just shows how mature this polished group is. With only a few singles out, Coastal Town might be considered newbies in the Canadian music scene; however, they are by no means shrinking violets. Featured on Loud Women, Berlin On Air and FV Music Blog, Coastal Town is reaching people from coast to coast. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Summer Sundays’.

Part of their upcoming first album, ‘Summer Sundays’ is a nostalgic step back in time to those “good old days of laying back on Sundays chilling with good tunes and cold drinks”. Following their single ‘So Innocent’, ‘Summer Sundays’ adopts a calm, soothing and silky smooth sound. Simplistic in its instrumentation, there is a strong piano-driven with drums arrangement. Beautifully textured, producer Doug Fury definitely knew what he was up to. Of course, it isn’t all about harmonic arrangments – you need some lyrical depth to truly connect with a song…or at least I do.

As I said, the track is simplistic and it is this basicness that bears genuineness in the single. Reflective and tender, the rich vocals enhance a sense of poignancy as we stare back at those “summer Sundays”. The merging of female backing vocals also adds a sentimentality embracing a kaleidoscopic soundscape. It’s intimate, meaningful and beguiling and I can’t wait for more from Coastal Town.

By the way, if you’re interested to hear an acoustic version of ‘Summer Sundays’ then look no further. Check out the acoustic set on Coastal Town’s Spotify or click here (either way you’ll find some awesome stuff).

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