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Track Review: Sunset Collective // Take Me Home

Considering the sophistication and maturity of Sunset Collective’s sound it is hard to believe they only formed in late-2019. Just over one year old, these lads from Sheffield are a refreshing breath in the saturated genre that is indie-rock. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Chalkpit Records and FV Music Blog (to name a few), the UK-based fivesome is making waves on a national and international level. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Take Me Home’.

Touching on issues of toxic relationships, confusion and frustration, ‘Take Me Home’ is an angsty song with the right dollop of aggression. Yet, while it begins with desperation, the track evokes a sense of empowerment and optimism in the gritty, grungy melody. It’s as if you’re travelling on this track from deep despair and then suddenly finding the road to righteousness in the pounding guitars and robust vocals.

“The bulk of the song is about breaking out of somebody’s hold on you. It’s about realising you’re in an unhealthy relationship be that with a partner, a friend or some other acquaintance. Lyrically, I tried to show the progression from actions to anger in the verses, then the chorus is essentially a middle finger to that person holding you back so by the time you get to the last chorus after that big solo you should feel a sense of victory like you’ve broken out of a hold. The song isn’t about feeling sorry for yourself, it’s about getting up and doing something about it.” – Sunset Collective on ‘Take Me Home’

Lyrically, ‘Take Me Home’ is compelling, but add the powerful melody and you have a completely captivating song. Bold and lively with rich vocals, Sunset Collective showcase depth and refinement far beyond their years in this track. Alright, I’m not entirely sure how long each member has been making music, but ‘Take Me Home’ is a vibrant, well-rounded alternative rock meets indie-rock track.

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