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Track Review: Sweet Marie // Brian Allison

Embracing his passion for music at a young age, Brian Allison learned to perform and navigate the professional music world much earlier than most. Greatly inspired by his father to go on this sonic journey, Brian put his full force into the pursuit of a musical career following his dad’s death in 2012. From Roadie Music to YMX and PopFad Blog, the US-based singer-songwriter has been reaching audiences beyond his North American borders. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Sweet Marie’.

Following his single ‘Keep Your Head Up’ (released in 2021), ‘Sweet Marie’ is Brian’s first release in 2022. Similar to ‘Keep Your Head Up’, the new song is a strong country ballad; however, it has a stronger, more moving tone than his previous works. A melodic combination of drums, guitars and an interspersed banjo, ‘Sweet Marie’ will fit easily among tunes from singers like Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw. The thing is, while comparisons can be made with established country artists, the addition of Brian’s bold vocals makes a sound that is entirely his own.

Finding the balance between organic and electric instrumentation in the ‘Sweet Marie’ melody, Brian shows innovation and versatility. Yet, it is the poetic lyricism woven through the melody that highlights his depth. Brian Allison explains that ‘Sweet Marie’ “is a song about a girl growing up not having a father in her life and troubles she faces finding love. ‘Sweet Marie’ was written with my sister Amy Allison in 2020 and is probably one of the saddest songs I’ve written…”

Sincere, sentimental and rather heart-breaking, Brian Allison can have you tearing up with his intimate new single ‘Sweet Marie’.

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