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Track Review: Symphony of Sound // Echo Coast

The brainchild of UK-based singer-songwriter James Hobbs, Echo Coast has a sound that is eclectic and evocative. Drawing together elements from 90s grunge, punk, Motown and Americana, you shouldn’t be surprised that Echo Coast is completely genre-defying. Featured on BBC Introducing, YMX, Berlin On Air, Rising Artists Blog and various other notable media, this talented individual is receiving critical acclaim on a global level. The latest addition to Echo Coast’s discography is ‘Symphony of Sound’.

Following his single ‘Easy Way of Livin” (read our review here), ‘Symphony of Sound’ adopts a more upbeat sound with underlying twinges of folk within the melody. Jovial and buoyant, this song has the feel of summer about it with happy vibes oozing from each note. Charming guitars combine with James’ soothing vocals to tip you into a comfortable bubble of toe-tapping music. Yet, it is not only the melodic magic that keeps you enthralled but the interesting concept behind the track.

James Hobbs shares that ‘Symphony of Sound’ “…is a metaphor for life’s ups and downs and also what with the lockdown coming to an end we can enjoy live concerts which is certainly a reason for celebration. It’s a bit different from my last release a little on the sunnier side; I guess I was feeling a bit giddy with the heatwave.” Note: ‘Symphony of Sound’ was released in August so the UK’s dreary weather was replaced by some sun…for a short time, at least.

Recorded at Ford Lane Studios with producer Rob Quickenden, ‘Symphony of Sound’ has an interesting melodic arrangement layering vocals atop instrumentation in a hypnotic way. My favourite part of the track has to be the ending. Alright, that sounds wrong; it’s not because the song is ending but the incorporation of a flute (I think) to finish the tune leaving me grinning. It’s a refreshing sliver of sunlight in a world filled with hopelessness, cynicism and dark horridness. James shares that music is “…not about the destination, it’s about the inspiration”, and ‘Symphony of Sound’ definitely inspires some joy.

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