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Track Review: Take A Picture // Popes of Chillitown

Need a track that’ll make you dance this summer? “Take a Picture” by Popes of Chillitown will get you into the groove. It’s a song that has the energy of early Jamie T and Sublime mixed into one. It starts off with a guitar intro that promises much, which then kicks into the punky ska energy and raging drums.

The lyrics are full of positive energy as well, shedding the skin of the protagonist’s past. “Take a picture it’ll last longer / I don’t need that part of my soul anymore”. It is an absolute anthem which has a fresh modern approach. I am so glad this song was introduced to me because it’s 3 minutes of absolute punk rock energy. The simplistic chord progression shows you don’t have to complicate things to write a fucking banger. It is absolutely one of my favourites of the year ad worthy of going on my happy playlist.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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